About the Author

Rocky was born and raised in SE Virginia. He was fourteen when he heard the Beatles for the first time. He became a big fan of the British Rock Invasion. He loved all the songs and groups like the Stones, Animals, Kinks, The Who, Zombies, Dave Clark Five, and etc. Then the sixties took off with all the movements like Civil rights, Women's rights, the Hippies and the Sexual revolution to name just a few. It was a great time of change and growth. They gave us the pill and the Vietnam War at the same time. It was the time of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Make love, not war. There was a lot more freedom and excitement. At the same time there were the assasanations of great men like Dr Martin Luther King and Bobbie Kennedy. The Russians and the Soviet Union were still a nuclear threat. And there was the fear of being drafted into the Vietnam War looming over every good thing that was happening. Somehow he managed to thrive and grow through it all. He had a real blast in the Seventies. Being a single guy, he would disco the nights away. Now he is a respectable married man. He lives on the coast of Southern California with his sweet wife and lovely daughter and two cats. He enjoys writing very much. He is already hard at work writing a sequal to ONE GROOVY SUMMER.